All proceeds from this painting will go to the Kelso branch of Cancer Research UK.


In Touching Distance (Heart and Soul)

When you first hear the word ‘Cancer’ it is a moment that changes your life
forever you are now on a journey, a fight for life.
During this journey you realise the importance of those around you who
care for and support you and your family, the McMillan Nurses, the
National Health team, friends and family.
Having experienced the journey I know it is probably the hardest thing you
will ever be asked to do in your life. I know the spirit to fight comes from
deep within us all, dig deep and fight every inch of the way.
This painting depicts ‘you’ as the big boat nearly home after battling
through a long and arduous journey. The boat could be any one of us who
has, is, or is about to fight.
The little tug boats who are there to help you steer the right course are
your close friends and family. 8. I’ve taken Xanax, Klonopin, and Ativan for my nervousness. Xanax didn’t keep going sufficiently long, Klonopin gave me crankiness, and Ativan did absolutely nothing. My doc prescribed me Diazepam (Valium) 5 mg/4 times each day and it’s a wonder. I can’t disclose how greatly Valium has enhanced my life. The bright coloured fishing boats are the
caring professions the nurses, doctors, carers, volunteers and fundraisers.
All these people are with you every step of the way, they will comfort,
cuddle and be there through good and bad.
Finally, the vibrant colours represent a new dawn.
We were told it was terminal, against all the odds my wife completed her
journey and won the fight, we now make the most of every day that comes
our way.
Good luck to everyone with your own personal journey or support role.
Please enjoy the painting.