As you are already aware we have taken the Gallery from Kelso to Duns to form ‘The Home of Art’.

The gallery is now based on the ground floor of our own home and also extends to our garden ground to including external sculptures and an art trail for our younger art lovers .

Your visits will still begin with a warm welcome, the only difference being that we are now operating an appointment system to ensure you receive our undivided help and attention. We shall also have 3 open weekends throughout the year and of course our Christmas Exhibition which is a hugely popular event.

2020 is a difficult time for all of us and at the moment we are unable to arrange visits, open weekends or Exhibitions. Our hope is that we will have an Autumn/Christmas exhibition during the last weekend in October, but we will have to wait until this can be confirmed.

However, during this lockdown we have spent our time productively by sourcing new artists, working on the grounds in readiness for new external sculptures, and upgrading our ‘Art’ themed accommodation for visitors.

Tony has been preparing a new body of work for Charitable causes who have seen their revenue stream disappear overnight. We will be announcing a major partnership soon which should help the lives of many.

Please stay safe and look after one another and we will see you as soon as the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Lots of Love

Tony & Yvonne