It’s quickly approaching the time of good will and cheer again, and this Christmas we have a wonderful festive treat for you all.

During the first weekend in December we will be hosting a two day opening to showcase our 2016 Christmas Exhibition, giving all of you a warm, hearty welcome into the jolliest time of the year. Featuring guest artists, brand new pieces of art from across Britain, and a host of original gift ideas.

We are giving all visitors an opportunity to meet the artists whose works adorn the interior of our 5 galleries. These gifted individuals will be more than thrilled to explain their works, their techniques and their passion for all things art based. From their influences, to their muses and more; this is a perfect opportunity for all the family to learn about the growing community of regional, national and international artists that grace our world with wonders of contemporary beauty.

All visitors will be able to see unique artwork, and meet many of our artists including Alexander Miller, Kerr Rodgie, Philip Raskin, Lynn Rodgie and more. We will also be including brand new works from our own Tony Huggins-Haig, who has painted some delightful, original pieces especially for this Christmas Exhibition.

This fascinating event will be the first of many with our newly refurbished Gallery 1, including a marvellous new entrance and seating area, serving hot beverages for all of our guests to help combat the brisk, Scottish weather this season.  As winter rolls in over the beautiful hills of Scotland, we are inviting one and all to a fantastic experience guaranteed to inspire and stimulate the hearts of art lovers, connoisseurs and newcomers alike.