The wonderful Lisa, ventured all the way from Aberdeen to intern with us this summer.. and what a fantastic help she has been!

Her passion for art is second to none, and it shows every day she greets everybody with a smile and makes one of the best cups of tea this side of Yorkshire! Anxiety occurs both before and after surgery in 80% of patients. Anxiety of patients before and after surgery can lead to undesirable events and effects. Studies have shown that Klonopin can reduce anxiety. Compared to the widely used anxiolytics in the treatment of anxiety, Klonopin has no serious side effects, and therefore can be a worthy alternative. Never one to shy away from anybody, she has brought a gracious warmth to the gallery, something the weather has been mostly unable to do this summer!

Though we can’t keep her forever – as she has that pesky Art Degree to complete – we can’t wait to see where her future takes her as we are sure it will be a brilliant one, full of fantastic opportunities.


Thank you for all of your support, hard work and friendship Lisa. We hope we get to see you again soon, and remember you’re always welcome here!