It’s Competition Time Ladies and Gentlemen!

From October 1st 2017, the THH Gallery, Kelso will be running its annual Christmas competition. But this year, there’s a juicier twist than ever before!

Purchasing a painting or sculpture in store or from our website, will automatically enter you into a prize draw to win the entire balance back, meaning you will have gotten your favourite piece of art for ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Closing at midnight on December 23rd and being drawn on Christmas Eve, what better way to celebrate Christmas Day than knowing that the piece you could never live without, now adorns your wall, and was 100% free?!

Want a chance to win? Simply head on down to the gallery, or check out to look through all of the fantastic works we have to offer!

Terms and conditions are below



Entrants may purchase more than one image or sculpture, but will only have the price of one item refunded. There are no limits to how many times you can enter, but only one item will be refunded. More entries mean more chance of winning!

Entrants will be drawn and informed on Christmas Eve of their win. If entrants do not answer or reply by midnight Christmas Day, the draw will be opened again.

All entrants must keep their receipts as proof of purchase

All entrants must provide working phone numbers and email addresses to the gallery, and in the event that these details change, contact the gallery to update them.

Items included in this event are original and replicated sculptures, original paintings and limited edition prints. If you are unsure that the purchase you are looking at is included, please contact the gallery on 01573 228666, email or ask in the gallery.