Chris Morgan is no stranger to trying something new. Being a self-taught artist has meant that his own style and technique has evolved with every image, something that has captured viewers hearts as they witness his artistic evolution with their own, sometimes inauspicious, eyes.

This viewable progression, along with the relatable, cultural references made within his paintings, have become the reasons many art lovers choose to return to his collections with zeal. This growing support from collectors, galleries and the continued dedication from his publishing company has helped drive Chris forward into moving away from his well known still life works, and into a realm of paintings with a lot of life and much less stillness.

The newest collection, “Childs Play” showcases not only Chris’ skills with oil, but also demonstrates his sketching abilities, with each finished canvas being complemented by studies in pencil, to help showcase his talents beyond his previous compilations.

“I stared this series because I found inspiration everyday from my children, nieces and nephews. At first I was reluctant to start it as its so different to still the still life works I’ve done previously, but I’m not one to shy away from a challenge and I’ve always been a believer with my art if I feel strongly enough about something that I should create it.

The first piece from this series “daddy’s boy” came from my son consistently wears my DIY boots around the house making me laugh with how he walks in them and so I created this image using a blue rabbit toy for that personal touch (this rabbit was a gift for me when I was born and I’ve passed it down to my two boys when they were born and plan to give it to my grandchildren also) I crop the images in such a way that I hope the images can relate to anyone’s child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or god child, or even a reminder of their own personal childhood.” – Chris Morgan


This exclusive collection is only available at the THH Gallery, head over to the ‘artists’ page to view all of Chris’ work today!