This Years Remembrance Day marks 100 Years since the end of the first world war and many of our Artists wanted to do something special in honour of the event. In that spirit the THH Gallery is having a special Remembrance day Exhibition.

we are donating to these charities, why not join us.

Poppy Scotland

The Royal British Legion

SSAFA – the Armed Forces charity


Our Artists work includes…


Tony Huggins-Haig

“Last Man Standing”

WW1 – Why am I the Last man Standing?

Brothers, I can’t believe you’re all here lying in rows, while the crazy charge seems to go on and on. Guns and shells blasting as we all run on.

The wire was left intact and the battalion ripped to shreds, here you lie my comrades all bloody and dead.

They told us one day at the very start, we would all be home before Christmas. Not forever staying behind and away from our family, friends and loved ones.

Here you now lie in a far off land after being slaughtered never to return.

I will wait my turn to join you, my family and my friends, when I’m posted back to Blighty to train new recruits, another round of young men in the early stages of life’s shoots.

It won’t be long till I’m back here I’m sure. I will try to brace and endure. Until I lie with you all again. I’m glad none of you are in torment or in pain.



Anthony Hall

“Eye Of The Storm”

Dec 14 ceasefire on Christmas Day where soldiers from both sides played football. They chatted and put the world to right. These lads found they were just the same as one another. 

Anthony Hall


Jimmy Moffat

“Fading Out”



Peter Knox


These brief sketches are an attempt to describe the efforts of working war horses in WW1. We are all familiar with this theme following the theatre and screen representations of the subject.

Ordinary men and ordinary horses working together with love and respect for each other not in their homeland fields but in the most tragic and dreadful war-torn landscape.

Peter Knox


Danny Knox

“At The Going Down Of The Sun”

The sun is setting on a torn and uninhabited wasteland. Meanwhile the river meanders on its course as nature begins the recovery process following that man made disaster..and in the morning we will remember them.

Danny Knox


Jenny Mackenzie

“Tommy Soldier”

Before the bombs and bloodshed, our soldiers marched through the fields amongst the poppies towards the rising sun. 10. Before I had a wide range of issues like stomach distress and I was frightened of everything and I lost 40 pounds. I have been taking Diazepam for around 8 months and I have put on all my weight back and I have no more issues by any means of anxiety. Perhaps a moment of calm reflection and beauty where they stood. Their quiet thoughts may have turned towards their loved ones far away, and for a moment, perhaps the poppies instilled a sense of peace. 

Jenny Mackenzie


Craig Marshall


Our tommy a hell of a man 

In the trenches of a foreign land.

Fighting so all can be free,

O god bring tommy back to me. 


Craig Marshall