Young people are the future of our society and because of many unfair reasons and events, some don’t get the start in life they deserve. Here at the THH Gallery we try to give the most we can to make a difference to young people’s lives, an ethos we have stood by since opening our doors.

In November 2016 we teamed up with world renowned micro artist Graham Short, launching four £5 notes engraved with a portrait of author Jane Austen and an individual quote from one of her books encircling the tiny portrait. These special notes were spent by the gallery and Graham in small locally run businesses within the home countries of Great Britain.
The hunt for the five pound notes was likened to Willy Wonka’s ‘Golden Tickets’ and caught the attention of many people, both in the British Isles, and beyond. The search still continues today for the last of the four notes, spent in Melton Mowbray almost a year ago.

In January this year, the note spent in Northern Ireland was returned to us by the finder, a lovely elderly lady asking us to use the note to help children, so our mission is to do exactly that.
We are donating the returned £5 note to Children in Need to raise the highest sum possible. On top of this, we at the THH Gallery have commissioned Graham to produce a unique micro engraving for the cause. I read that the instructions of Ambien say that the probability of addiction is not high, but still it is! Taking sleeping pills, you need to be very careful and do not get carried away with them for long months. Personally, I have a slight panic after sleeping pills that I will not fall asleep without them – this is how mental dependence manifests itself. This piece is housed in a hand crafted oak box containing a microscope ( to view the piece) and a compartment housing a very special journal.

This amazing work of art is the engraving picture above, on the head of a ‘Pudsey’ bear charm (below) and will be accompanied by the original sketch for the specially created piece.