Chris Morgan

As early as Chris can recall, he would have a pencil and paper and was drawing family and life going on around him. As he got older the Staffordshire countryside became a whole world of possible images for him to draw. His work was shown in many local galleries and he took part in local competitions with great success which led to commissioned work .
His early body of work was mainly based around pencil, although popular in the local galleries, was not allowing him to move forward in his art career, and so he began to experiment with oil paints. Entirely self taught, his style and skill developed with each piece, and a love of still life and portraiture emerged. Chris loves the freedom of oil painting and aims to produce colourful, striking images of everyday objects, yet turning them into something of high impact. He says: “I’ve always been attracted to images with strong contrast with plenty of light and shadow, this probably stems from my days as a pencil artist.”

Chris has now developed a distinct, recognisable style of his own. His collectors and supporters have grown to include some celebrity patrons. He has attended a number of celebrity charity events; donating work for auction and raising thousands for a number of great causes.

Chris also worked closely with Liverpool FC and created two original pieces for the club including a portrait of England captain Steven Gerrard.

Chris is always looking to improve upon his work and studies traditional oil painting methods and regularly attempts new techniques. He states: “my work is very much realism, although I like to maintain a sense that it is a painting and not a photograph, and upon close inspection the viewer is able to see the subtle paint strokes and textures that go into each piece.”

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