Fabian Perez

Born in 1967, Fabian Perez grew up in Buenos Aires, in a turbulent world of political upheaval, during the post-Peron military regime. His mother Edua was the creative force in his life and his father Antonio was the inspiration for his work. Fabian witnessed his father’s unorthodox and often difficult life, portraying him in his paintings as ‘the cool guy, outside nightclubs and bordellos. Such a childhood could not fail to impact on every area of his life including his artistic ethos, especially when taken in conjunction with his unconventional upbringing.

At a very young age he became fascinated with the paintbrush and using watercolours and tempera he painted portraits of his friends and family. As a teenager Fabian lost both his parents and the sadness and despair he experienced left him confused and searching for answers. In 1984 he met Sensei Oscar, a Japanese karate master, who became the greatest inspiration of his life – his teacher, master, close friend, and father figure. When Oscar moved to Italy, Fabian followed and it was here that he began painting and arranging small exhibitions

By 2001, Fabian was in Los Angeles, working during the day and painting in the evening. It was here that he met two art publishers who saw and fell in love with an exhibition of his work. Events moved quickly and a partnership to promote, market and develop his career, as a fine artist, was quickly agreed. The collaboration was an overwhelming success; every painting Fabian created was sold immediately and the demand for his work exploded.

With artistic success came recognition from a range of prestigious sources. In 2010 he was the official artist to the Latin Grammy Awards and the official artist to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. In 2014 he was awarded Artist of the Year by the Academy of Artists, Italy,

His success has brought a rapidly growing number of followers including a host of celebrities. Now living in California he still travels the world in search of inspiration.

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