Jimmy Moffat

Jimmy has lived in rural Northumberland all of his life and from an early age enjoyed drawing and painting.  As he grew older he remained very interested in the visual arts. 

After studying graphics for two years and worked for an etching company where his job was to prepare artwork for etching and screen printing purposes, he worked as a picture framer and this encouraged him to take up painting as a serious venture.

Taking his inspiration from nature and by studying the natural forms and patterns that may lie unnoticed, in objects as diverse as stones, leaves, water and the sky.  He like to combine these with more graphic structured elements and feel the contrast is visually stimulating.  

Working almost exclusively with acrylics on board or canvas as the techniques he uses are unsuitable for most other mediums. When painting he creates the image by moving around it and thus his paintings can be hung in whichever way a viewer prefers.

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