Johnson Rodgie

At the age of 4, Johnny could sculpt any character from any of his favourite cartoons to precise scale without breaking a sweat. Whether using a paintbrush, or using his hands to sculpt; Johnny has fast become another Rodgie talent in modern art on both the British and International scenes.

Painting every day until he turned 14, he began to put his hand to a more rhythmic development and has paved his way in music, creating his own blend of electronic music and becoming a name on the local “DJing” scene.

Recently making a U-turn back into art, Johnny’s return to the “family business” by again picking up the paintbrush and starting the sculpting table has brought his own signature to the Rodgie brand. Creating a unique, abstract and colourful world of his own, he is rapidly gaining press amongst his peers.

For the first time in any gallery, we’re proud to display his fabulously unique and characterful paintings and to show the world how talented this young man is.

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