Madjid, born in 1943 in Teheran, comes from a well known Persian family of artists. 25 years ago he came to Germany. He now divides his time between Hamm (Germany) and Mallorca. His work resides in many important art collections in Europe, USA, Asia. Madjid paints as he lives: with energy, power, and a tenderness of the strong. What moves us in Madjid is his unconscious-impressionistic character which emanates from his entire oeuvre. To all of his subject matter he attributes a powerful vitality through expressive brushstrokes. In 1959, Madjid was awarded the Iran-French RASI prize for painting. The following year he also won the Iran-French award for best sculpture. In 1966, the artists was featured at Teheran’s ARSEN gallery in a series of successful one-man and group exhibitions. Throughout his career he has also spent a considerable amount of time in Munich and is one of the city’s most respected contemporary artists.

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