Peter Smith

Painting, drawing and doodling played a big part in Peter Smith’s young life; indeed looking back he cannot remember a time when he did not enjoy some form of creative pursuit.

It was at the tender age of nine that Peter bought his first watercolour painting set, which he took with him everywhere. However when he began secondary school, and found himself being teased for his hobby, he reluctantly bowed to peer pressure and put down his paintbrushes.

Peter took on a number of jobs after graduation, including periods as a surveyor, computer programmer and graphic designer. It wasn’t until the year 2000, encouraged by his wife Jayne, that he returned to painting.

His first limited edition print was released in 2003 and in 2005, he was signed to Washington Green Fine Art.

Peter gets his ideas from everyday life; in the street, the people he meets and in his own words, “childhood and imagination.” He takes inspiration from other artists too; the quirkiness of Will Bullas, with his strong characters and whimsical titles and the surreal Salvador Dali who has offered Peter an unusual slant on the world.

This self-taught artist is perhaps best-known, with his wife Jayne, for the Impossimals and Lost Impossimals collections which, “have gone from strength to strength becoming one of the most recognisable and collected style of limited edition art and sculpture found in the UK today.”

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