Rob Ford

Rob Ford always wanted to stay late at primary school to finish his painting, was that an early sign of things to come? He also clearly remembers his inclination towards what he called, “the specialised art of drawing on walls.”

Taking up the story of his journey from schoolboy painter to full-time artist he said, “During my years at Felsted in Essex, my main interest was always in the art room. It was something that I felt confident with and had great enthusiasm for.

“After leaving school I continued to paint and draw and developed an interest in the history of painting. This interest led me to apply to my local college to study art. Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Delacroix were particular favourites of mine.

“On completion of my college course, I really wanted to find some sort of employment that would make use of my skills. I did a variety of jobs which went on until one day I came across a small business called, Round the Corner which specialised in ‘theme’ restaurants. I continually pestered the manager to let me design a mural for them and before long I had secured a job doing what I always wanted to do – painting.

“My ideas and inspirations come from just about anywhere – from the ring left by the morning cuppa to the light of an evening sunset. With my most recent landscape paintings, the idea is a simple one. The inspiration comes from my local landscape.

“When I first moved to the east coast [England] I found the landscapes frustrating. Gone were the landmarks and the mountains that I loved as a child in Wales, the rushing streams and the wooded glens, but I have learned to love the land that surrounds me, the changes in colours throughout the year from partly flooded fields of flint and mud in the winter, to seas of billowing wheat fields in the summer.

“I have come to realise that it is not what you see, but how you see it.”

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