Rozanne Bell

Rozanne Bell is the epitome of fun. She is a flamboyant, gregarious character with a unique and creative imagination that knows no bounds. She is an exciting and entertaining person; full of energy and vibrancy and her art mirrors all these qualities. Rozanne Bell has five children and her artwork is embroidered into the heart of her family life.


Rozanne Bell was born in Zimbabwe and she lived there for 40 years. She exhibited all over southern Africa and, through tourism in the region, gained an American market as her art evolved. From Guernsey to Ghana, her paintings hang in many banks and boardrooms all over the world. In 2002, the situation in Zimbabwe necessitated Rozanne’s move to England.


The latest works by Rozanne exhibit her unique view of the architectural landscape encompassing a curious and whimsical character combined with a realism and grittiness unequalled in the art world today.

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