Sarah Berry

Born in 1973, a qualified Teacher, mum of 2, competitive athlete and molly-coddler of 2 yellow dogs, Sarah Berry is definitely an artist of many and varied talents. An author and illustrator of children’s books, Sarah is now expressing herself by painting happy, quirky and uplifting art.

“I like to paint bright, amusing and strong pieces which emphasise the facet of the subject that speaks to me. I try to capture the feeling, not the image”.

On Music: “..It’s the music, not the musicians. The music hypnotises and takes us off to swirly worlds full of flying notes and rhythms…”

On Dance: “..It’s the Dance, not the dancer. Enchanting and intricate stories are told by an arch of a back and a point of a finger. Actions speak louder than words…”

On Thunder: “..Horses embody power, strength and beauty, but it’s all wrapped up in a thunderous, thunderous noise as they do what horses do best…”

On Cities: “..My Cities are observations in the creaks, squeaks, rattles and rustles which run through a seemingly quiet day. The general chatter of the noise of life displayed by the flick of a brush…”

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