Scott McGregor

Born in 1965 and brought up in Largs, a small seaside town on the West Coast of Scotland after graduating in Illustration & Graphic Design from Building & Printing College in Glasgow, Scott started work as an illustrator, later became a 2D Graphic Artist, then worked for 12 years as a 3D Modeller, and now works as a full time artist.  His style of painting varies from realism to merging into impressionism, depending on the subject matter and his ideas can come from many sources, the majority of ideas develop when he’s working on another painting.

Scott says “I tend to lose myself in my work, I become completely absorbed, with every painting I try to create something special that cannot be repeated. I quite simply have a passion to paint and if I create something that can evoke emotions, movement, laughter or a memory then I feel I have achieved a connection between canvas and viewer. When I leave the studio the painting doesn’t leave me, I am still thinking about it and how I can evolve it into something special. My mind is visually aware of every day life, taking in colour and shapes, watching how the light and weather can change the mood, observing people with their expressions and movement”

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