The Wood Neuk

The Wood Neuk is an enterprise run by David Lightly and Ross Purves from a workshop in the heart of the Scottish Borders, specialising in the design and making of high quality bespoke furniture. Their furniture is made using premium grade native hardwoods including elm, oak and ash which they take pride in sourcing themselves.

From tree to the finished piece, David and Ross are involved in every process. Firstly, they oversee the cutting of the tree, followed by the meticulous drying process, before finally the timber is ready to use to create another unique piece of handcrafted furniture.

The Wood Neuk grew out of Tim Stead Furniture and latterly The Workshop of Tim Stead where David and Ross have 38 years of experience creating fine sculptural furniture, guided by the designs of the renowned late sculptor and artist Tim Stead. The business is fully licensed to continue Stead’s classic designs alongside many exciting new designs of their own.

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