In November 2016, we at the THH Gallery commissioned the worlds leading micro engraver, Graham Short, to engrave 5 micro engravings based on the work of author Jane Austen and her fantastic literature. These works were designed to commemorate the 200th anniversary of her death and the work she did in highlighting women’s struggle through time for equality. A struggle that is still relevant in today’s modern world of moral perception.

Devised as a route to bring art beyond the boundaries of any art gallery, these works were to be literally given away. Each of the notes contain a tiny portrait of the famed author and a quote from one of each of her most notable works.

Four of the notes were spent in small, locally owned businesses within the home countries of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland; with the fifth being donated to the Jane Austen Centre in Bath by Graham Short himself.

Capturing the attention of the nation with it’s “Willy Wonka” style release, the nation erupted into a search for the lucky notes as Christmas arrived with hope and joy.


Note by note they slowly reemerged from the fathoms of money exchanged every day in Britain. First the Welsh note was found by a lovely lady who will hand it down to her Grandchildren, the second was found in a Christmas Card in Scotland, and kept by the lucky man as art for himself.

A few weeks passed before the emergence of the third at the end of January, this time it was the nOrthern Irish note, and it again captured the hears of the British people as it was donated back to the THH Gallery by the marvellous lady who decided it should be auctioned to raise money for those who had less than herself. this gesture of goodwill encapsulated the entire intent of the THH Gallery and Graham short when they first devised the idea and will now be auctioned for Children in Need.

However, the hunt is not yet over!

The fourth and final ‘public’ note has still yet to be found. This note was spent in Melton Mowbray on nothing less than a Pork Pie, and even for the thousands of calls, emails and letters asking about the note and whether the inquirer has found it, it still remains hidden somewhere in the vast industry of Britain.

Far from the end of this tale, the search continues, and the THH Gallery answer the call everyday hoping that someone has finally found it!

It could yet be you!

Good luck friends, from Graham and the THH Gallery Team