Tony Huggins-Haig

Tony Huggins-Haig is a man from a humble background who, inspired by the people and landscapes of the north-east of England, loved to paint and draw from a very early age.

Looking back on his life he said, “I was born in a small fishing village on the north-east coast, before moving a couple of miles inland. We moved as the family expanded and more of my brothers arrived. We fitted right in with the other local kids, we ran around the streets and didn’t have a care in the world. Living in a council estate we had little money but everyone looked out for each other, running in and out of each other’s houses. We had a real sense of belonging. These times, although hard, could be rewarding, we had baked pies, cakes and our Sunday best clothes.

“This was the 70s with the three-day working week, power cuts and low wages but we knew nothing about this. We were sheltered by our parents and family, fed sugar or jam sandwiches, washed down by dandelion and burdock pop from the traveling shop. We played in the streets, we had no ‘Game-Boys’, we played with sticks and stones and a football was always to hand for a kick in the street or at the playing fields. A jacket or jumper for a goalpost and the game was born.”

Today, Tony, a popular self-taught artist, is the owner of one of the country’s leading contemporary art galleries – the Tony Huggins-Haig Gallery, located in the historic Scottish Borders town of Kelso.

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