In 2015 the gallery underwent a major face lift on the exterior of the building. To match the beautiful interior which we created originally in 2009 when we opened at 22 Bridge Street. Then every year since the galleries are stripped out and repainted, rehung and ready for the year ahead.

So now that everything is spick and span, what next? Well we are launching a series of events throughout the Calendar year to bring you the finest artists and artwork we can.

We have just had Lynn, Kerr and Callum Rodgie exhibiting with us and that has been wonderfully received. From Lynn’s dad, John Martin, down this is a lovely family with amazing talent.

Coming up:-

From chef to restauranteur to internationally acclaimed artist, Philip Raskin. Philip will be demonstrating his breathtaking seascapes in the gallery on Sunday 28 August, please give us a ring to reserve your place for this wonderful afternoon. (tel 01573 228666 or email

Bring in the family:-

Yes we’re probably the most family friendly gallery on the planet. Our quiz sheets and the chance to win a lolly keeps our younger visitors enthralled. While the older members of the family get to wander at leisure hunting out that amazing piece of art to make their house a home.

Well that’s it for this week until next time have a wonderful creative week ahead. And love and best wishes to you all.